Q: How do I change the silicon tips / foam tips?

A: Firmly hold the earphone between your thumb and index finger.

With your other hand, gently pull the silicon tip off the nozzle.

When removing the Comply foam tips, gently pinch the base of the foam tip, twist and pull off the nozzle.  

Now a fresh pair of ear tips can be placed on the nozzle.

Q: Where can I purchase new silicon tips / foam tips?

A: Please contact support@phiaton.com or call 1 (866) 313-3203 

Q: I'm having sound quality issues with my earphones. What is the problem?

A: Make sure the jack is fully plugged into your audio source.  

Ensure that the ear tips are clear of any ear wax. It is highly recommended that you occasionally wipe your ear tips to  keep clean.

Pay special attention to not damaging the screen on the nozzle.