Q: Can the ear pads on my headphone be replaced? How do I change the Ear Pads?

A: Yes, our headphones have replaceable ear pads. Each headphone model has a different method of removing the ear pads. We highly suggest that you send in your headphones to the Phiaton Service Center so that a technician can properly change the ear pads .

Q: Where can I purchase new ear pads for my Phiaton headphones?

A: Please contact support@phiaton.com or call toll free at 1 (866) 313-3203 

Q: I'm having sound quality issues with my headphones. What is the problem?

A: Make sure the jack is fully inserted and locked into the headset (for detachable cable cords). 

Make sure the jack is fully plugged into your audio source.

Make sure your audio source is turned on.

Please check the volume on the audio source.