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For Phiaton customers with addresses outside the US, please email us your registration info at, including all info listed on our product registration form.

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Product Information
You can find Model Number on the back of the package that your Phiaton product came in.
The Serial Number can be found on the back of the packaging and it is marked with "T/N."

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1 (866) 313-3203 


For Customer Service, Contact Us at

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Phiaton Corporation
18662 MacArthur Blvd, STE 405
Irvine, California 92612
T: 1 (949) 756-8918
F: 1 (949) 756-8928

Public Relations Contact Information:

Lindsay Stuart
Max Borges Agency
80 SW 8th Street
Floor 27
Miami, FL 33130
Phone: 305-374-4404 x149