PS 202 NC

Active Noise Cancelling Earphones with Mic

All New!


Shh. The relaxing sounds of silence-and pure balanced music-delivered in luxurious style. 

Phiaton continues to build on and perfect its portfolio of high performance headphones and earphones to bring you the ultimate listening experience. The PS 202 NC Active Noise Cancelling Earphones, for example, introduce advanced levels of clarity across the frequency spectrum, with especially superior replication at the high ranges. At the same time, enabled by Phiaton's powerful noise cancelling technology, PS 202 NC actively reduces low frequency ambient noise (under 1kHz) by up to 95% while packing more richness and pleasing nuances into the sound delivery. More quiet. More refined balance, definition and music purity. 

Experience superior sound quality at its finest. Phiaton's optimized vibration system adds a stronger emphasis on high frequency sweetness to PS 202 NC listening. The improved sound stage and warm commanding bass delivered by Phiaton's newly developed 14.3mm drivers redefine what you should expect from premium ear pieces.


Elegant, ergonomic design 

Finely crafted in metallic silver and black, your Phiaton PS 202 NC is an elegant fashion accessory as well as a high-performance listening device. With its ultra-slim, immensely sleek design that fits smartly into your lifestyle and modern fashion sensibilities, the PS 202 NC is as sharp looking and easy on eye as it is demanding on musical clarity and pleasurable to the ear. 


Cushiony comfort 

Enhance your comfort even more by selecting the best fitting earpiece for your ear from the four different, double-layered tip sizes, XS, S, M and L included in your PS 202 NC package. At home or on the road, the comfortable, half in-ear design and soft Comply foam tips of the PS 202 NC ensure an easy fit for extended hours of pleasant listening or relaxing silence.


COMpact and easy to take anywhere

For a device so durable, reliable and powerful, the PS 202 NC is remarkably compact and easy to store or carry, no matter where your listening road leads. If you are looking for a high-performing companion for your business and leisure trips or daily commute, Phiaton's PS 202 NC is hard to match. Fully compatible and equally outstanding with any device. And the rechargeable, built in lithium-poly battery gives you 12 hours of uninterrupted enjoyment, with the tranquility of noise cancelling.


Textured, No Snare Cable 

To make every aspect of owning a Phiaton product enjoyable, Phiaton puts added effort into ensuring the pristine sounds of its earpieces are matched by practical, user-friendly design details. For the PS 202 NC, this means textured cables that uncoil more smoothly to keep tangling at a minimum. This special design also works to minimize cable touch noise. 


One touch simplicity 

PLAY, PAUSE, REW, FF. Answer and end phone calls. Your music and your sounds are always under your command with the PS 202 NC's easily accessible, simple to use inline remote featuring a music and call button.


Everplay-x Technology

The listening only ends when you want it to. With Phiaton's exclusive Everplay-X technology, you can continue calling out or answering your phone, or listening to your music even if the battery runs out. 


Looking to Upgrade?

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