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How do I know if my Bluetooth profile is set properly on my Bluetooth device?

If you are having pairing issues, you may want to check the Bluetooth profile on your Bluetooth device you are trying to pair with Phiaton earphones/headphones. We recommend checking with the manufacturer or manual for the Bluetooth device you are trying to pair with a Phiaton Bluetooth product.

My device will let me add the Phiaton Bluetooth product, but when I try to 'connect', it just hangs for a minute or two, then gives me a message saying it was unable to connect. How do I fix this?

Try deleting the Phiaton Bluetooth product from your Bluetooth device and try pairing again
Turn the power off/on on your Bluetooth device then try pairing again.

What is the operating range of my Phiaton Bluetooth headphones/earphones?

The max distance you can be from your Phiaton Bluetooth headphone or earphone and your Bluetooth device is up to 33 feet.

I am able to pair my Phiaton Bluetooth headphones/earphones to one device, but I'm not able to pair with another device I own. What is the problem?

When experiencing a pairing issues, the reason may vary by manufacturer and OS. We suggest the following steps to help solve the issue you are experiencing:
Ensure the Bluetooth device you are trying to pair with a Phiaton Bluetooth Earphone or Headphone has the latest Bluetooth software installed
Visit your device manufacturer support center for solutions to Bluetooth pairing issues
You may also find helpful tips/solutions in blogs and forums by searching the web for your specific device make and model and ‘Bluetooth pairing issues’
If you are having a pairing issue with a laptop, here are some additional suggestions:
1) Make sure your laptop has a built-in Bluetooth adaptor
– Most laptops have a built in Bluetooth adaptor but there may be some without them.
If your products do not have a built in Bluetooth adaptor, please contact the laptop manufacturer to purchase one. Or you may purchase an external Bluetooth Dongle from a consumer electronics store.
– When you are using a Bluetooth Dongle, you need to install the correct device driver software. Please refer to manufactures manual for installation.
2) Make sure the Bluetooth is enabled on your Laptop
– If your Bluetooth setting on ‘Disable’ mode please make it ‘enabled’ which means turning Bluetooth switch to ‘On’.
– How to enable the Bluetooth function may be vary depending on the devices. Please refer to manufactur’s manual.
3) The correct device driver software must be installed according to your laptop manufacturer, product model and OS
4) Please visit your Laptop manufacturer’s website to download device driver software correspond to your model and operating software.
– Make sure the device driver software is for the stereo headset.
– When you are experiencing a difficulty, please contact your manufacturer for further assistance.
– Pairing laptop to a Bluetooth headset may vary depending on the laptop model and OS. Please refer to product manual offered by the Laptop manufacture.

How do I reset my Phiaton Bluetooth headphones/earphones to the original factory settings?

Please see the owners guide on the product page to locate the reset function for your specific Phiaton Bluetooth device or contact customer support at support@phiaton.com

How does active noise cancellation technology work?

Active noise cancellation technology is achieved with electronic circuitry within the headphones/earphones that actively reduce outside sound waves over low-frequency.
Active noise cancelling technology blocks the ambient background noise so that low frequency sound like engine noise from planes, trains, or subways is nearly eliminated.

What is the difference between active noise cancelling and passive noise isolating?

Active noise cancellation uses electronic circuitry to actively reduce low frequency sound waves while passive noise isolating helps block noise due to the fact of the ear pads, ear tips covering your ears.

I can hear people's voices around me while using the Phiaton noise cancelling products. Do I have a defective product?

No, as active noise cancellation technology does not block all sound, but instead blocks your low frequency ambient background noise. While voices will be muffled, active noise cancellation technology works best on sounds produced under 1kHz.

There is a slight static noise when I turn on the noise cancelling feature. Are they defective?

No, what you are hearing is the noise cancelling operating sound.

I'm having problems connecting my device to a Phiaton Bluetooth product. What is the problem and how can I fix it?

Please confirm that the device you wish to pair with is turned on.
Please confirm that the Bluetooth feature on the device is activated.
Please confirm that the Phiaton headphones are in pairing mode (LED light will flash red and blue when in pairing mode)
Please check the distance between your product and the other device. (Ensure you are within 3 feet of the device and Phiaton Bluetooth product).
Please make sure the Bluetooth profile is set properly on your device.
Please refer to pairing instructions in the Owners Guide.
If the Phiaton headphones have been previously paired to another device, please ensure the previous devices Bluetooth is turned off.
Power off completely the device in which you are trying to pair and upon powering back on, try again.

Where can I purchase new silicon tips / foam tips?

Please contact support@phiaton.com or call 1 (866) 313-3203

Is there a driver update for my Phiaton Bluetooth headphones/earphones?

All Phiaton Bluetooth products come with the Phiaton Bluetooth certification program which offers the latest software version. If you are having pairing issues, you may however want to install the latest Bluetooth software on the device you are trying to pair with a Phiaton Bluetooth product.

Where can I purchase Phiaton Headphones & Earphones?

Please visit our ‘Where to buy‘ section on phiaton.com for locations.

Can I purchase Phiaton products directly from Phiaton?

No, we do not sell directly to consumers. Please visit our ‘Where to buy‘ section for online and retail locations.

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

Please contact support@phiaton.com or call 1 (866) 313-3203

Can the ear pads on my headphone be replaced? How do I change the Ear Pads?

Yes, our headphones have replaceable ear pads. Each headphone model has a different method of removing the ear pads. We highly suggest that you send in your headphones to the Phiaton Service Center so that a technician can properly change the ear pads .

Where can I purchase new ear pads for my Phiaton headphones?

Please contact support@phiaton.com or call toll free at 1 (866) 313-3203

I'm having sound quality issues with my headphones. What is the problem?

Make sure the jack is fully inserted and locked into the headset (for detachable cable cords).
Make sure the jack is fully plugged into your audio source.
Make sure your audio source is turned on.
Please check the volume on the audio source.

How do I change the silicon tips / foam tips?

Firmly hold the earphone between your thumb and index finger.
With your other hand, gently pull the silicon tip off the nozzle.
When removing the Comply foam tips, gently pinch the base of the foam tip, twist and pull off the nozzle.
Now a fresh pair of ear tips can be placed on the nozzle.

How long does it take to charge the battery and how long does it last on a full charge?



Phiaton Bluetooth specifications vary by product. Please go to the product page of your Phiaton products as this information is listed under “SPECS.”