Features to Look for in Your Next Pair

New Headphone & Earphone Tech: Features to Look for in Your Next Pair

Posted  02/17/17 in News

  Whether you need to replace old headphones/earphones or simply want another pair to swap to for different situations, the choice becomes easier if you know what you’re looking for. You probably have a particular style in mind (e.g. in ear, on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones) and an idea of the colorways to best match clothing […]



Sound Last Minute Gifts for your Friends & Family

Posted  12/20/16 in News

  If you’re still on the hunt for last-minute holiday gifts, we have a few great headphone and earphone options that you can snag on Amazon Prime today. The lucky family member who snags Phiaton’s BT 460 headphones this holiday season will love its simple, touch interface and smart play-pause functionality. The BT 460 wireless headphones feature […]


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What is Noise-Cancellation

Posted  08/11/16 in News

If you’ve ever been on a long, cross-country flight, you are likely familiar with the loud hum of the jet engine throughout the journey. Luckily, the introduction of noise-cancellation technology has allowed weary travelers to rest their ears and their eyes on long flights. Likewise, daily commuters are able to use noise-cancellation to tune out […]



Finding the Best Headphones for Travel: 3 Must-Have Features

Posted  06/2/16 in News

  The evolution of the audio space has certainly paved the way for a more refined travel-listening experience. Headphones are proving to be just as commonplace as our smartphones, serving as a necessity for our 9 to 5 or airborne commute. Though you should know the average over-ear or basic earbud won’t suffice. Quality is […]


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Never Miss a Beat with Smart Play and Pause Technology

Posted  05/26/16 in News

  Ask yourself what’s the one criterion when it comes to selecting headphones. Comfort?  Water resistance? The answer should be as plain as day. It’s playback functionality. After all, how can you enjoy music through a pair of headphones if the play function doesn’t operate? Don’t answer. It’s rhetorical. Basically every pair of sound cans […]



Finding Comfortable Earphones: 3 Pairs You’ll Love to Wear

Posted  05/19/16 in News

  The search for the perfect earphones can be an endless one. Portability. Sound Quality. Wired vs. Wireless. Many factors come into play when searching for the right model. Though none proves to be a bigger deal-breaker than comfort. Any pair of headphones will feel subtle when worn briefly. But when rested on the ear […]


How to Find High Quality Earphones: The Secret of Hybrid Drivers

Posted  05/12/16 in News

Color. Design. Noise cancellation. Wireless functionality. Price. Casual listeners are guilty of favoring the appealing, eye-catching features of a pair of headphones over the actual sound quality. Why is that? Advertising serves as a major culprit, with multiple brands implying their headphones produce the same audio output be it in, on or over ear. But […]



Best Earphones for Working Out: 3 Essential Features

Posted  04/28/16 in News

  Be it cycling, running, weightlifting, or an intense yoga session—experiencing a phenomenal workout requires you getting into “the zone.” And nothing pumps up your adrenaline more than a dope soundtrack, one that tunes you out and builds on the intensity level of your training regimen. But like finding an awesome playlist, the search for […]


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IPX4 Water Resistance: What It Means and Why You Need It

Posted  04/21/16 in News

  Lil Wayne has everyone wondering how he can pour champagne (ok, maybe water – far less expensive) on a smartphone, yet keep it in working condition. Good question. Water resistance, waterproof, and dust protected are just a few terms marketing gurus throw at consumers to give their products more rugged appeal. One area where […]


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Goodbye Headphone Splitter: Listen Together Wirelessly with ShareMe™ Technology

Posted  04/14/16 in News

    Being an audiophile in today’s society is both a gift and a curse. Our headphones provide instant access to numerous mediums from music to films to video games. And with Bluetooth capability, as well as Wi-Fi access afforded to us at every urban hot spot, we as listeners become immersed in our own […]