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Goodbye Headphone Splitter: Listen Together Wirelessly with ShareMe™ Technology

Posted  04/14/16 in News

    Being an audiophile in today’s society is both a gift and a curse. Our headphones provide instant access to numerous mediums from music to films to video games. And with Bluetooth capability, as well as Wi-Fi access afforded to us at every urban hot spot, we as listeners become immersed in our own […]


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Phiaton’s 5 Pillars of Design

Posted  04/7/16 in News

  Since Phiaton was first launched in 2008, the idea was simple: Redefine what people expect from their listening experience. While Phiaton is a relative newcomer to the US headphone market, our parent company, Cresyn, passed down 50 years of expertise in designing premium audio products. This experience provided us with a philosophy that values […]