I'm having problems connecting my device to a Phiaton Bluetooth product. What is the problem and how can I fix it?

Please confirm that the device you wish to pair with is turned on.
Please confirm that the Bluetooth feature on the device is activated.
Please confirm that the Phiaton headphones are in pairing mode (LED light will flash red and blue when in pairing mode)
Please check the distance between your product and the other device. (Ensure you are within 3 feet of the device and Phiaton Bluetooth product).
Please make sure the Bluetooth profile is set properly on your device.
Please refer to pairing instructions in the Owners Guide.
If the Phiaton headphones have been previously paired to another device, please ensure the previous devices Bluetooth is turned off.
Power off completely the device in which you are trying to pair and upon powering back on, try again.