Discontinued MS 300 Carbon Fiber Travel Headphones

This product has been discontinued.

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Attention-Getting Good Looks, Audiophile-Grade Sound. Phiaton's Moderna Series represents a new class of headphone that combines an adrenaline rush of bold styling, opulent red accents and world-class sonic performance – capturing every nuance and note of your music as it was intended to be heard. With the Phiaton MS 300 Moderna Series headphones, sizzling red-hot good looks are matched by impeccable concert-hall audio performance. The result is a tour de force combination of style and luxury listening.

The MS 300s feature an adjustable padded red inner and outer headband that not only distinguishes them with their signature eye-catching design but offers hours of unprecedented listening comfort – without any "listening fatigue." The unique closed-ear design ensures great noise isolating performance as the soft pads comfortably seal around your ears. The two richly padded U-shaped earcup holders can be swiveled 180 degrees – the ideal solution for total user flexibility. The MS 300s feature detachable earpads that can be replaced in the event they are lost or damaged.