Universal Music Docking Station

This product has been discontinued.

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Sleek and Modern Design with Rich Sound and Full-Bodied Bass

The Phiaton MS 600 Moderna Series Music Docking Station is designed to be fun, functional and easy to use. Ideal for use with iPods and other digital music devices, the MS 600 is a sleek and compact listening solution with opulent red color accents that will spice up any living room, kitchen, den or office desk. Best of all, the powerful room-filling sound and high-performance audio belies its compact, ultra-modern design, and the push-button remote control makes the digital music system totally ergonomic and fun to operate – giving you access to your favorite music from wherever you sit in the room. Adding flexibility and convenience, an AUX cable is included for easy connection to other entertainment components.

Rich Sound and Full-Bodied Bass!

The MS 600 plays your music with full power and dynamics–just the way it was intended to be heard. The premium bass reflex structure powers its speakers to deliver high definition and full-bodied bass while the D-class amplifier maximizes the full spectrum of analog sound. Another key to the MS 600's great sound is the double-shelled structure of the loudspeakers, which prevents sound leakage. The result is an extremely rich and clear, analog type sound with a balanced bass response.