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This product has been discontinued.

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Noise-Cancelling Headphones with a Superb Listening Experience

In creating the premium quality "Primal Series" PS 300 Noise-Cancelling headphones, Phiaton's engineers and sound designers utilized all their expertise to exceed expectations. Featuring the luxurious look and feel of supple leather and leather-grade trim, as well as some of the world's most advanced sonic technologies, the Phiaton PS 300 NC noise-cancelling headphones offer music lovers a superb listening experience with unprecedented comfort, audio quality, style, and musicality. PS 300 NC headphones are precisely tuned for the dynamics of today's musical genres.

About Phiaton's Advanced Noise-Cancelling Technology

Phiaton's patented VHST™ "Valves of the Heart Sound Technology" for noise cancelling was inspired by the valves that enable flow of vital blood supply in and out of the heart. Translated to the audio paradigm, the technology makes use of check valves that expertly control airflow in and out of the headphone speakers. Rear enclosure and closed-ear design combine to create an occlusive effect for better noise reduction.

While the headphones are worn, the ear pads contract, exerting pressure on the front of the speakers. Normally, this would 'rumple' the speaker diaphragm and create a buzzing effect. But VHST™ Valves of the Heart sound Technology is designed to prevent rumpling of the diaphragm, thereby reducing air pressure and transforming incoming noise into reversed phase signals, or reproduced sound, which interferes with or cancels the unwanted noise. This allows real production values to come through with greater clarity.