Finding Comfortable Earphones: 3 Pairs You'll Love to Wear


The search for the perfect earphones can be an endless one. Portability. Sound Quality. Wired vs. Wireless. Many factors come into play when searching for the right model. Though none proves to be a bigger deal-breaker than comfort. Any pair of headphones will feel subtle when worn briefly. But when rested on the ear for long stretches, they can cause a great amount of discomfort and pain.

Know that the earphone category doesn’t just comprise of those basic mini-rounded audio receivers you’re accustomed to finding at the front counter of your local pharmacy. The product category has expanded over the years and introduced different types, each offering a unique listening experience that brings forth cushy and sonic satisfaction.

Nowadays, comfort in earphones is determined by three key components: fit, form, and function. Phiaton offers a collection of signature earphones—the BT 120, BT 220 NC, and BT 700 BOLT — each engineered to deliver these virtues for the modern audiophile.


Some of the best earphones can eventually become unpleasant to wear over time by either being too loose or tight on the ear. Each Phiaton product comes designed for every ear type, plus offers many different size tips for the best fit by style. Let’s look at the different forms of fit and their earphone counterparts.

Ear wings: Easily identified by their ear-shaped cushions, ear wings sit in place during heavy movement to secure placement. The BT 110 meets these requirements courtesy of Phiaton’s RightFit+ eartips for maximum protection during intense workouts.

Half In-ear: This style of earphone is suitable for long hours of pleasant listening with a design that opens more space for larger-sized dynamic drivers to produce spacious sound. Considered one of the PS 202 NC’s signature traits, this half in-ear grants comfort and convenience for frequent flyers.

In-ear: These models feature a sealed off design that sit inside the ear to create better sound isolation. This results in more intimate listening as witnessed with the BT 100 NC, pumping out impressive audio output that travels smoothly through the ear canal.


Design is a personal choice, and many of today’s earphones come in numerous forms to accommodate every listener’s portable preference. Take a look at your options.

Bluetooth: More and more music lovers are cutting the cord in favor of minimal wiring. The BT 110 offers the freedom to hear tunes wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0, making it possible to enjoy the soundtrack of your life on the go. What’s not to love about streaming your iTunes catalog from up to 33 ft. away? Exactly.

Lightweight wired: Many audio enthusiasts prefer their sound through wires. The PS 202 NC can attest to this with intuitive noise cancellation to block out ambient noise and improve overall sound. Another benefit of wired earphones is the slim in-line remote with mic to manage calls and music playback, which the PS 202 NC also claims host to.

Neckband: You know this best as the around-the-neck earphone. Ideal for exercise and travel, the BT 120 NC features this distinct form, bearing a lightweight presence that rests above the shoulders with ease. The active noise cancellation eliminates up to 95% of low frequency noise, while supporting four different sets of ear tips and stoppers that hold the tips in place. For extended usage, its Memory Flex Neckband delivers a comfortable fit with a sleek, no-slip design.

Clip: What these wrap-around-the-ear receivers might lack in sound leakage, they tend to make up for in coziness and stability. However, the overall quality depends more on the manufacturer behind it.


Some consumers just want something that sounds good. Others yearn for a product with enough durability to sustain their workout regimen. Then come the select few that want advanced features to enhance their user experience. In the end, the goal is to buy a pair of earphones for your most preferred use, whatever that may be.

To narrow down your options, here’s a closer look at Phiaton’s signature earphones and what each offers in terms of overall functionality.

PS 220 NCPhiaton expands its portfolio of high performance earphones with features such as active noise cancelling to reduce low frequency noise by up to 95%. You can expect an advanced level of clarity unparallel to what’s customary in a standard pair of in-ears. An enriched sound stage powered by newly developed 14.3mm drivers result in balanced low-mids and commanding bass best associated with premium earpieces. Its solace fit can provide hours of listening without causing fatigue. Choose your perfect fit from four different sizes of silicon ear tips, or Comply foam tips.

BT 120 NC: The sleek and ergonomic design of the BT 120 makes for a great workout companion. Wireless functionality lets listeners enjoy impacting acoustics without any cord tangling. Custom-fit silicon earbuds combined with IPX4 water resistance ensures active users secure, splash-free comfort. It also shares the benefit of Phiaton’s Multipoint Connection technology to pair two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, which comes in handy when swapping between audio sources like music on an iPad while taking calls on the iPhone.

BT 700 BOLT: A complete lifestyle product for wherever you go—gym, home, work—the BT 700 BOLT comes in true wireless form and joins stellar sound quality with a chic, user-friendly design. A favorite amongst active lifestyle listeners, the true wireless form factor allows for unparalleled levels of freedom. IPX4 standards keep the earphones protected from sweat and water as well, and its touch interface offers convenient call and music control with the tap or swipe of a finger. Bluetooth 5.0 means hands-free listening be it bumping the latest Kendrick Lamar LP or taking an incoming call from mom.

Suffice it to say, all three models are a full representation of what makes for amazingly comfortable earphones.

By Alex Bracetti

May 19, 2016

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