More Than Music

Happy group of teens holding up new headphones

More Than Just Music

Research has found that learning music helps facilitate learning in other subjects while enhancing skills that children inevitably use in other areas to prepare them in adulthood. However, music programs are frequently on the chopping block in underfunded and struggling public schools. Fortunately, there are a few nonprofit programs out there attempting to bridge these widening cracks and bring accessibility to music back in schools. Phiaton is proud to work with these organizations. After all, music makes the world better.

Why Headphones?

When it comes to learning, kids always perform the best when they have a distraction-free environment. Headphones and other audio products are highly requested by our partners since many children living in urban areas have limited space and having access to an isolated learning bubble is paramount for improved learning. Headphones allow kids to practice music whether it is from an electronic keyboard or their favorite iPad app. As a premier headphone manufacturer, we can directly donate products that make a positive impact.

Since 2021, Phiaton has donated over 1,000 audio products to 9 different non-profits.Every pair of headphones and earbuds that we've donated has helped the music programs that support youth education, enabling children to decvelop their talents and express themselves creatively. we believe that music makes the world a better place and are honored to play a small part in supporting programs that inspire and empower the next generation. Phiaton is committed to continuing our efforts and exploring new ways to make a positive impact in our community.

How Can You Help?

Check out these amazing nonprofits that are saving music education.

Music & Youth

HOLA (Heart of Los Angeles)

Inner-City Arts

All Stars Project

The Roots of Music

Fender Play Foundation

Are You a Registered Non-Profit?

The world is a big place. We know our efforts in outreach are limited. If you help manage a non-profit 501(c)(3) and would like to receive headphones and earbuds for your charity group or know of a deserving charity that focuses on music education, reach out to us. Our supply of overstock headphones is often limited, but you will be added to a waiting list and notified once inventory becomes available.