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Phiaton is redefining the listening experience for music lovers everywhere, always creating a better way to enjoy audio.
Twig Pro Urban Lifestyle
ODDICT perfectly fuses smart function and modern form in our flagship TWIG earbuds, the world’s first aluminum earbud.
Fast wireless charging, dual 12mm carbon drivers for distortion-free sound, and smart proximity sensors, all set in an exquisitely designed aluminum housing.
BT 700 BOLT Everyday Carry
BT 700 BOLT Everyday Carry 2
Bolt 700
True wireless earbuds with speaker case! IP4X, BA drivers, Voice assistant.

The 12mm double-vibration plat driver produces a premium sound different to a typical wireless earphone. No matter what genre of music you listen to, you can fine tune your own equalizer with the TWIG ODDICT App.


The architectural approach and the contrast created by the combination of aluminum cylinder and black earpiece, creates a timeless masterpiece. The solid appearance of the charge case further enhances the concept of the product. Simply beautiful!


TWIG earbuds punch well above its weight with stellar sound quality… The use of genuine aluminum construction for the earbuds themselves and the bulk of the circular wireless charging case makes the TWIG incredibly conducive to EDC use.

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