2-in-1 wireless charger with lightning-fast charging speeds
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Super-Fast Wireless Charging

Charges two devices simultaneously and supports 15W wireless charging. The overheat protection technology reduces power loss and increase charging efficiency to charge faster.

Chic Design

Modern design and metal cable is the perfect combination of style and functionality that adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

‘Designed for Samsung’ Certified

As Samsung compatible product, the PLATFORM DUO provides optimized wireless charging for
‘Samsung Galaxy’ and has built-in cooling fan for added safety.

Built to Last

Designed to withstand the test of time, the scratch-resistant exterior and the durable metal cable can handle everyday wear and tear.

PLATFORM DUO by ODDICT Earns Esteemed Japan's Good Design Award for Its Seamless Transformation of Electronics into Aesthetic Essentials, Ideal for the Remote Work Era!

"This charger offers a seamless blend of style, convenience, and performance, enhancing the charging experience for tech-savvy users."

ODDICT Triumphs with Esteemed K Design Awards for Platform Duo, Showcasing a Pinnacle of Innovation and Unwavering Commitment to Crafting User-Centric Audio Solutions.

Charge at Lightning Speeds

DFS (Designed for Samsung) Certified

Charge Two Devices Simultaneously

Safe & Faster Charging

The charging test was conducted on devices with 3-5% battery level.

Charging time may vary depending on various environmental factors.

Chic & Contemporary Design Fit for Any Space

The Difference is in the Details

Slim Size & Stable Charging

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Wireless Charger


9.0 V ⎓ 2.77 A (PD 25W Over TA)

Output Coil 1

5 W / 7.5 W / 10 W / 15 W

Output Coil 2

5 W

Dimensions (Cable Not Included)

6.81 x 4.97 x 0.78 in

Weight (Cable Not Included)

186 g (6.56 oz)

Cable Length

1.5 m (4.9 ft)

Package Includes (ACCESSORIES)

USB-C to USB-C Cable

Quick Guide

Product Warranty


Which adapter should I use?

Not compatible with chargers that do not support SFC (Super Fast Charging). To use the 15W super-fast wireless charging 2.0 feature, you must use a SFC charger or a 25W or higher PD (Power Delivery) charger. If a PD of AFC charger of less than 25W is used, the PLATFORM DUO will not operate properly.

PLATFORM DUO isn’t working properly.

- If the device isn’t charging or stops charging, check if it’s placed in the charging area marked with +.
- For dual high-speed charging, PD adapters of 25W or higher is recommended.
- Charging may not be smooth for metal material or devices with a thick accessory/case. What

What are some safety precautions to take?

- PLATFORM DUO is an indoor-only product suitable for home and office use.
- Do not place ID card or bank card with magnetic strips or chips on the charging pad.
- Due to risk of short circuit and fire, do not disassemble PLATFORM DUO and c-type cable. Keep away from water and fire.
- Do not place PLATFORM DUO next to any medical or industrial equipment.
- Use a safety certified 25W or higher PD charger.


Got questions? We’ve got answers.
If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to For general inquiries please check our FAQ page.


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