Goodbye Headphone Splitter: Listen Together Wirelessly with ShareMe™ Technology

Father and Son using ShareMe Feature.

Being an audiophile in today’s society is both a gift and a curse. Our headphones provide instant access to numerous mediums from music to films to video games. And with Bluetooth capability, as well as Wi-Fi access afforded to us at every urban hot spot, we as listeners become immersed in our own audio space…alone. There’s the curse. Not being able to share the resonant vibes of a new Major Lazer or Kanye West album emitted from our sound cans with an audience.

For years, the only solution afforded to us was sharing earbuds with our significant others, losing the full soundstage and bass notes in the process. However, advancements in the audio landscape have transformed the way we now hear (and share) our music, with Creative bringing its patented ShareMe technology to the audio forefront.

Audio sharing began to hit its stride back in 2013. ShareMe made noise straight out of the gate, ushering in a new wave of co-op listening without being tethered to one another via audio cable splitter. The technology accomplishes this by pairing two headsets wirelessly and connecting users to the same audio source simultaneously.

ShareMe is proving to be a universal feature that accommodates all lifestyles. For the tweens commuting on public transportation looking to check out that new Lil’ Wayne mixtape, but caught in the paradox of streaming it on just one device— all it takes is connecting their headphones together. What about the parents who’ve welcomed their seed to the world and look to catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones without waking their newborn in the same bedroom. Carrying over the fracas produced from the television speakers to your over-ear receivers is just a button push away.

Casual consumers aren’t the only beneficiaries of this shared streaming phenomenon. Creativists from across the entertainment field can bask in the same virtues. Take for instance the aspiring music duo touching up their masters on the road and on the same iPhone. ShareMe presents them the option of pairing their headphones to that device to take in the same sound quality from the production to vocal clarity without skipping a beat. Then think about the professional athlete sharing a plane seat with his agent and Skyping above the clouds to close that new multi-year, eight-figure deal? Sign, sealed, and delivered. The scenarios seem limitless.

But the technology is just one component of the phonic spectrum. The hardware is what brings it all together. Phiaton is one headphone brand out that’s adopted the technology with refined precision, which is heard best on its flagship BT 460 headphones. No wires. No hassle. The BT 460 boasts state-of-the-art engineering and superior sound quality, along with a touch interface and smart play-pause function that accommodates ShareMe technology to create an unrivaled, multi-person listening experience. With an operating range of 33 ft., 20 hours of call and music playback time, 110 hours of standby time, and a fold-and-go design for portable convenience, the Phiaton BT 460 is built for spreading the audio love.

By Alex Bracetti

April 14, 2016

Bio: Alex Bracetti is a New York City writer who’s produced features for some of top men’s lifestyle publications in the biz including AskMen, Complex, and Thrillist to name a few.

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