How to Find High Quality Earphones: The Secret of Hybrid Drivers

Color. Design. Noise cancellation. Wireless functionality. Price. Casual listeners are guilty of favoring the appealing, eye-catching features of a pair of headphones over the actual sound quality. Why is that? Advertising serves as a major culprit, with multiple brands implying their headphones produce the same audio output be it in, on or over ear. But even the most avid audiophile knows it’s the internal structure — the drivers, so to speak — that determine the true value of your sound cans.

For those who don’t know, a driver is a unit composed of diaphragms, magnets, and voice coils among other components that generate sound. The bigger the driver, the more powerful the audio becomes by delivering a higher frequency range. Some of the premium headphones on the market carry hybrid drivers aimed at boosting frequencies to transfer more dynamic sounds. Advancements in the audio spectrum have paved the way for vast improvements in driver technology.

Phiaton is one of the few manufacturers out to package studio-like sound into premium earphones without sacrificing form or function. Now listeners are afforded the luxury of taking in the detailed resonances from melodies to pitches better than they normally would from a basic pair of earbuds. With 1.6 billion drivers produced by Phiaton’s parent company per year, you can see how this lends to their audio expertise.

Enter the Phiaton MS 300 BA. These dynamic and stylish earphones feature a hybrid driver system engineered to push mobile audio to the next level. Underneath its sheath lays a Balanced Armature Driver: electromagnetics allow the armature to move up and down in between two magnets that are fixed, and one solenoid coil; and a Dynamic Driver: a dual driver system with wider frequency response and hi-def reproduction.

The signature benefits of having a balanced armature are to experience the clarity and spaciousness of the music you consume, whereas a dynamic driver creates deeper bass and sharper response to accommodate all music genres. It is a distinctive sound, more often found in hearing aids and high-end earphones, which serve as a testament to the brand’s audio pedigree.

Phiaton even takes its efforts a step further with Dynamic Driver LPF (Low Frequency Pass Filters) technology, which enhances sound by eliminating high frequency sound waves from the driver without any electrical element. This allows the hybrid driver combination to increase bass response and frequency clarity. So whether it’s the exhilarating rhythm of a staggering baseline or the intoxicating vibrato of an operatic soprano, both components work in unison to balance overall sound with exceptional acoustics.

These lightweight earphones also come equipped with a textured tangle-free cable in-line remote with built-in mic to switch between music playback and screening calls, a much-needed virtue for the modern music lover. Phiaton’s classic attention to detail, modern flair, and ergonomic sensitivities are evident as well with an ultra lightweight carbon fiber design for comfort and durability on the go. High-quality earphones at the unbeatable price, there’s absolutely no reason to deprive oneself of listening to pure authentic sound the way it’s supposed to be heard.

By CJ Washington

May 12, 2016

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