IPX4 Water Resistance: What It Means and Why You Need It

Lil Wayne has everyone wondering how he can pour champagne (ok, maybe water – far less expensive) on a smartphone, yet keep it in working condition. Good question. Water resistance, waterproof, and dust protected are just a few terms marketing gurus throw at consumers to give their products more rugged appeal. One area where it’s becoming more common is in the audio space, primarily with headphones. But what does that all really mean? Just how much H20 can your earbuds or over-ears sustain? The answer is in its IP rating.

The IP rating determines how resistant something is to environmental elements. Most IP numbers read IPXX: each “X” being a placeholder for a number. The first number represents the level of resistance to dust/particles and the second representing its ability to withstand liquid. To get a better idea how the IP rating system works, here’s a quick breakdown.

  • IPX0 – No protection
  • IPX1 – Protects from dripping water
  • IPX2 – Protects from vertically dripping water
  • IPX3 – Protects from sprays up to 60°
  • IPX4 – Protects from splashing water, no matter the direction
  • IPX5 – Protects from water jets at any direction
  • IPX6 – Protects from powerful water jets
  • IPX7 – Protects in water up to 3 feet (1 meter)
  • IPX8 – Protects when immersed in water over 3 feet

Whether sitting on our necks or tucked away in pocket, our headphones are constantly exposed to unfavorable elements from sweat to debris. Which makes choosing the right one more a matter of your lifestyle. In shopping for one, you can’t go wrong with an IPX4-rated headphone. Phiaton is setting the standard for water and sweat-resistant protection, doing so without compromising sound or style as precedent in their BT 120 NC and BT 700 earphones.

Referred to as the “best name in Bluetooth buds,” by Digital Trends, Phiaton’s garnered acclaim for its wireless selections, though the brand’s currently making waves with its water-resistant earbud models. The BT 100 NC and BT 120 NC not only meet IPX4 standards with testing and certification, but also stay true to Phiaton’s premium sound signature and outdoor performance with notable features.

Both receivers offer standout Bluetooth connectivity to pair perfectly with your smartphone, delivering high-quality audio to leave listeners immersed in their iTunes catalog. The BT 120 NC neck band style earphones feature active noise cancellation, quick charge, Bluetooth® 4.2 and powerful 12mm dynamic drivers, perfect for anyone on the go. The lightweight earphones are available in black and white.

Those seeking something more traditional can rely on the BT 110 to provide them a similar listening experience through a more minimalist, compact and portable form factor. Whichever the preference, both headphones live up to the brand’s pedigree for top-notch sound output, convenient controls, and most importantly, IPX4 water-resistant protection to tame body perspiration and wet elements from destroying your musical vibe.

By CJ Washington

April 21, 2016

About CJ Washington: As a veteran with over 10 years of experience, including working as Lifestyle Editor of The Source, Content Director of Evolve Entertainment & now writer for mademan, CJ gained mass appeal throughout the entire industry, working closely with other entities to build exclusive content.


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