IPX4 Water Resistance: What It Means and Why You Need It



Dive into the realm where smartphones defy the odds, submerged in water yet emerging unscathed. Ever wondered about the secret behind this aquatic resilience? It's a captivating mystery. In the world of marketing, terms like water resistance, waterproofing, and dust protection are tossed around to give products a rugged allure. But in the audio space, especially with headphones, these terms take on a whole new level of significance. Have you ever wondered how much water your earbuds or over-ears can truly handle? The answer lies in a cryptic code known as the IP rating.


This rating, a silent sentinel, holds the key to a device's resistance against environmental elements. Encoded as IPXX, where each "X" is a secret digit, it's a clandestine language that reveals a gadget's readiness for battle against dust and liquid. Let's decipher this code together:


  • IPX0 – No protection
  • IPX1 – Shields from dripping water
  • IPX2 – Guards against vertically dripping water
  • IPX3 – Fends off sprays up to 60°
  • IPX4 – Repels splashing water, from any angle
  • IPX5 – Defends against water jets in all directions
  • IPX6 – Stands tall against powerful water jets
  • IPX7 – Holds its ground in water up to 3 feet (1 meter)
  • IPX8 – Thrives when immersed in water over 3 feet

    Our earphones, whether gracefully draped around our necks or snugly nestled in pockets, endure a relentless onslaught of sweat and debris. The choice of the right pair becomes a reflection of our lifestyle. A formidable choice is an IPX4-rated earphone, and in this arena, Phiaton stands as the undisputed maestro of water and sweat-resistant protection, showcased in the impeccable BonoBeats Lite headphones and BonoBuds Lite earphones.

    Lauded as the "best name in Bluetooth buds" by Digital Trends, Phiaton doesn't merely meet IPX4 standards; it elevates them with panache. The BonoBuds Lite and BonoBeats Lite not only sport the IPX4 certification but also deliver Phiaton's signature premium sound and outdoor performance with a touch of innovation.

    Both champions feature seamless Bluetooth connectivity, harmonizing flawlessly with your smartphone or tablet, unleashing an audio extravaganza. The BonoBuds Lite, with its noise cancellation prowess and a sleek design draping comfortably around your neck, is tailor-made for the rhythm-chasing, on-the-go warriors. Choose from black or white; the style is yours.

    For those craving a wire-free symphony, the BonoBuds, BonoBuds Plus, and TWIG PRO step up, offering a compact and portable listening experience. Regardless of your melodic preference, both earphones stand as a testament to Phiaton's legacy – exceptional sound, intuitive controls, and, crucially, IPX4 water-resistant armor, shielding your musical vibe from the onslaught of perspiration and wet elements. Embrace brilliance; embrace Phiaton.


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    January 18, 2024


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