Multipurpose Headphones: Commute, Exercise and Headphones That Also Work for TVs

Do you really want to buy multiple sets of headphones, each for a specific purpose? Do you want water resistant lightweight buds for working out, dedicated RF headphones that work for your TV, and ANC headphones designed for your daily commute? If you want decent headphones, those different models will easily add up.

When choosing your new set, don’t get bogged down trying to choose two or three headphones for different tasks. Instead, look for a set that can check multiple boxes.

There are many headphones out there adding features to appeal to different user profiles. A good set of workout headphones can stay put under a lot of movement, offer sweat and water resistance, and can put out good bass to keep you motivated. Those start to mesh with commuter headphones because both should be lightweight and comfortable, like Phiaton’s BonoBeats Lite wireless headphones.

Commuter headphones are often small enough to be stored in a bag, like the 900 Legacy with fold and go design, and offer amazing active noise cancellation to block out the roar of a bus or a plane, like the 900 LEGACY+

Certain earphones like Phiaton’s BT 390, and BT 460 also feature Everplay-X technology, which transforms your wireless headphones or earphones into their wired equivalents. If you find yourself running out of juice and you’re just not ready to stop rocking yet, all you have to do is plug in the included Everplay-X cable to your headphones or earphones and attach the other end to your phone, tablet, or other portable device. If you’re curious to see it in action, check out this handy gif here.

What’s more, by going with Bluetooth headphones, many new TVs and set top boxes can also work with them, like the BT 460 with smart play and pause. Instead of the early 2000’s and prior, where you’d place a transmitter box next to your TV, new sets have Bluetooth actively built in. It makes connecting and listening to your TV with headphones entirely effortless and one set can work across your computer, smart watch, smartphone, and television. True multipurpose devices.

By getting a set of headphones that work outside the norm, not only do you save money by not picking up niche headphones, but you get more for your money by using them in places you wouldn’t normally use them.

By Andrew O’Hara

July 2, 2020

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