Phiaton's 5 Pillars of Design

Since Phiaton was first launched in 2008, the idea was simple: Redefine what people expect from their listening experience. While Phiaton is a relative newcomer to the US headphone market, our parent company, Cresyn, passed down 50 years of expertise in designing premium audio products. This experience provided us with a philosophy that values design and performance above all else. Passionately standing by this idea, our designers and engineers have followed five pillars of design with each new product introduction:

Great Sound is all About Balance

Too often, finding the sound you want requires a choice. You must choose between warm, full sound and precise, detailed sound, making it challenging to find a balanced solution that gives you the full spectrum of your music. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to develop original technologies that deliver music in the way that the musician intended it to be heard. The Hybrid Dual Driver technology in Phiaton’s MS 300 BA, for example, combines the warm sound produced by a dynamic driver with the clear sound produced by a balanced armature driver to deliver a well-balanced sound that doesn’t require any compromises for the listener.

Intelligent Features Shouldn’t Require a Learning Curve

In many cases, a long list of features means a cumbersome user experience. While every Phiaton product comes packed with a user manual, our designers have paid close attention to how people naturally interact with technology. We knew that our customers wanted feature-rich headphones, yet we also saw a need for simplicity. When we designed the BT 460 headphones, our top priority was to develop a multi-function headphone that was easily navigable for every user. To reach this balance, our designers integrated features such as a simple touch panel volume control as well as its Smart Play & Pause Technology, which automatically pauses the music when your headphones are removed.

Beautiful Design Stands Out but doesn’t Shout

Our belief is that true beauty is subtle. It’s the kind of beauty that proves more beautiful with each new experience, when you notice a small, elegant detail that changes how you see it forever. Our designers have studied unique shapes, forms and accents that aren’t common in the headphone industry, such as the curved shape of the BT 330 NC, the red accents on the inner ear-cups of the BT 460 or the brushed aluminum exterior of the Twig Pro. Every Phiaton product has a unique touch that ensures you’ll find something new and beautiful about the design every time you use them.

Great Design Lives in Harmony with Innovative Technologies

Not only have we created proprietary technologies in our headphones, such as our Active Noise Cancelling Technology, but we’ve merged form and function to create a perfect harmony between aesthetics and innovation. This is evident in the beautiful LED display on the outer ear cup of the BT 460 headphones, which follows the use of a touch panel to control the volume, to the translucent design on the ear bud of the MS 300 BA, which shows the Hybrid Dual Driver and LPF technology beneath the surface.

Listening is Vital for Product Evolution

We pay close attention to every customer call, tweet, forum post and review when making product design decisions. By listening closely to this feedback, we’re able to enhance our current products and even inspire new product designs. When the PS 210 BTNC first arrived to the market, we heard that the community loved the integration of both Bluetooth and noise-cancellation in one compact audio solution, yet minor feedback on the user experience was indispensable when making the enhanced version of the BT 220 NC. This process of listening and adapting has been used across every new product, from conception to market availability.

Apr 7, 2016

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