Sound Last Minute Gifts for your Friends & Family

If you’re still on the hunt for last-minute holiday gifts, we have a few great headphone and earphone options that you can snag on Amazon Prime today.

The lucky family member who snags Phiaton’s BT 460 headphones this holiday season will love its simple, touch interface and smart play-pause functionality. The BT 460 wireless headphones feature a stylish, unique design and the latest in headphone technology.

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For the commuter in your family, the BT 100 NC earphones are a perfect gift option. Featuring wireless connectivity and noise-cancellation, these earphones will blend in perfectly with his or her on-the-go lifestyle.

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For the gym-goer in your family, the BT 120 NC earphones will be a refreshing change from the loose-fitting, always-breaking earphones he or she is accustomed to. Featuring sweat-resistance and RightFit eartips, this gift will be the star of the day. Of course it's also noise cancelling so they can focus their energy on the workout

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Replace your family member’s old, low-quality earbuds with a high-quality alternative that will make them appreciate their music in a whole new way. The MS 300 BA Hybrid Dual Driver earphones will allow him or her to hear all of the nuances and precise details of their favorite music.

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December 20, 2016

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