What is Everplay-X and What Are the Benefits of Having This Feature?

There’s no denying that today’s more technologically advanced headphones and earphones make for a much more convenient and enjoyable personal audio experience. Wireless technology has freed us from the frustrating tangle of cables, while quick-connect technologies like Bluetooth NFC and Multipoint Technology have made it easier to access our music and podcasts than ever before. And great noise cancelation can turn even the most crowded commute into a silent retreat.

These conveniences do come at a cost, though—namely, they need power. Which means you need to keep your headphones charged regularly. And if you don’t? Well, with many wireless headphones, the end of battery life means the end of usefulness. There’s not much worse than getting an hour into a cross-country flight and finding that your wireless headphones are out of juice. Especially if someone has already beaten you to the Sudoku puzzle in the back of this month’s in-flight magazine.

Thankfully, Phiaton has the perfect solution to this problem. Not the Sudoku problem, mind you. You still need rudimentary math skills and a dash of deductive reasoning for that. But with Phiaton’s Everplay-X feature, you’ll never again have to worry about a lack of battery life putting the kibosh on your favorite podcast or an important conference call.

So, what is Everplay-X, exactly? Simply put, it’s a handy technological trick that transforms your favorite wireless Phiaton headphones or earphones into their wired equivalents. How does it work? Well, take the BT 460, for example. If you find yourself running out of juice and you’re just not ready to stop rocking yet, all you have to do is pop open the USB port cover on the bottom of the headphone, find the 3.5mm jack right next to the USB charging port, and plug in the included Everplay-X cable. Attach the other end to your phone, tablet, or other portable device, and you’re ready to keep on rocking.

Wired Play

With smaller earphones like the BT 220 NC and BT 100 NC, things work a little differently. Instead of plugging into a 3.5mm jack on the earphone itself, the Everplay-X cable pops right into the same USB port you use for charging. Not to worry, though; you won’t need a device with a USB connection to use Everplay-X with the BT 220 NC. The other end of the cable is the same tried-and-true 3.5mm audio connection you’re used to.

In either case, you can now listen to your favorite audio entertainment without worrying about battery life. Sure, you’ll miss out on a few features that require power—like noise cancelation and playback/call controls on the headphone or earphone itself. But that’s a small price to pay for uninterrupted listening. Current Phiaton products offering Everplay-X are the 900 LEGACYBT 390, BT 100 NC, BT 220 NC and the BT 460

You might also find that Everplay-X comes in handy when you want to listen to audio via a device (like a laptop, perhaps, or an old iPod) that doesn’t support Bluetooth wireless connectivity. No matter why or how you use it, it’s just nice to know that Everplay-X is there when you need it and doesn’t require any special button presses or an app to make it work. Simply plug in and keep on playing.

By Dennis Burger

May 19, 2018

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