SALUTES PHIATON’s PS 20 BT HEADPHONES WITH TOP HONOR! Global Audio Leader’s PS 20 BTs Win Top Spot for “Best Wireless Headphone of the Year”

"We have yet to find a wireless headphone that strikes just the right balance between convenience and sound quality, but the Phiaton PS 20 BT takes us one giant step closer to our ideal. While Bluetooth technology can be challenging in general, the new Bluetooth 3.0 profile allows for outstanding sound quality, as evidenced in Phiaton’s latest edition of the already stellar-sounding PS 20 in-ear headphone. Based in part on feedback from our Phiaton PS20 BT Review, Phiaton has updated the PS 20 BT’s firmware for a more straightforward and stable Bluetooth experience, making these earphones an even more compelling choice for wireless audio."

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