ODDICT Celebrates Prestigious K Design Awards for PLATFORM DUO and TWIG 2



Fountain Valley, CA (Oct 11, 2023) - ODDICT, a leader in cutting-edge audio solutions, is delighted to announce that its products, Platform Duo and Twig 2, have received the esteemed K Design Awards. This recognition underscores ODDICT’s steadfast commitment to seamlessly merging innovative design with unparalleled functionality and audio experience.


The K Design Award, presented by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, is a global competition recognizing outstanding design concepts and products. It places special emphasis on creativity, aesthetics, and the user experience.


Winning Products

PLATFORM DUO: A true masterpiece of innovation, PLATFORM DUO combines convenience, style, and top-tier performance. The dual charger boasts a powerful 15W super-fast wireless charging capability, ensuring rapid charging for compatible devices. Its elegant oval shape and minimalistic design effortlessly blend with any environment.


TWIG 2: Anticipated for global release in 2024, TWIG 2 builds upon ODDICT’s legacy of delivering superior audio technology in compact, stylish package. These earbuds provide an immersive audio experience, incorporating advanced features that guarantee optimal sound quality. The sleek design and comfortable fit make TWIG 2 the unrivaled choice for those seeking both aesthetics and performance.


ODDICT is profoundly honored to receive this prestigious recognition, which reflects the company's dedication to crafting innovative and user-centric audio solutions. The K Design Award is a testament to ODDICT’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and technology, setting a high standard for the industry.


For more information, please visit Phiaton.com and K Design Award.

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