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People Who Expect The Extraordinary Choose Phiaton

Phiaton is redefining the listening experience for music lovers everywhere, always creating a better way to enjoy audio. We produce premium-class audio devices that blend superior sound reproduction with stylish looks and luxurious comfort.

The world is listening with Phiaton

Phiaton products combine innovative technologies and elegant designs to give the most natural soundstage, wearable and eye catching appeal in audio gear today. Phiaton Corporation is part of Cresyn Co., Ltd., one of the most respected names in consumer electronics which focuses on innovation, quality and competitiveness through customer value creation.

Whether headphones or earphones, those who appreciate extraordinary performance can hear, see and feel the qualities that distinguish Phiaton as the ultimate listening experience. The world is listening with Phiaton.

Quality Speaks Volumes

Most of Phiaton’s products have custom-made drivers that deliver faster response for fine-tuned & high resolution audio. The drivers make each vibrant note come alive so users can experience mid-high frequency tones and hear all the textured nuances and details of the original sound.

Modern Design & Custom-Drivers

With more than 60 years of experience, we are a group of designers and audiophiles who value consumer feedback and are always striving to implement improvements in our products. We have poured our hearts into making the best products in the market and have achieved success through countless experimentation and testing.

Sound tailored for you

Your music preference is unique to your personality. Define your audio experience and choose a headphone or earbud that meets your musical needs - Anc, Travel, Sports and extra.

Who we are

Oddict become a part of your everyday life and surroundings.

Oddict is...

Products you use become a part of your everyday life and surroundings. They represent your lifestyle and create the ambiance of your home or office. Our customers know this to be true and are drawn to ODDICT for this very reason.

ODDICT is a tech lifestyle brand created to satisfy the needs of such customers. Our goal is to design high- quality, functional products that blend seamlessly with your routine and space. Oddly inspired. Deeply desirable.

ODDICT rejoices in our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design, emphasizing creativity, aesthetics, and user experience. We are committed to crafting products that seamlessly integrate into our modern lives and cater to our customers' needs. Innovation and design form the pillars of our design philosophy, as we transform electronic devices into stylish yet functional objects for our daily lives.

Amp up your audio aesthetic

ODDICT is on a mission to infuse your audio experience with sophistication in design and quality in construction through the perfect balance of superior sound, modern aesthetic, and smart technology.

“ The 12mm double-vibration plat driver produces a premium sound different to a typical wireless earphone. No matter what genre of music you listen to, you can fine tune your own equalizer with the TWIG ODDICT App. ”

“ TWIG earbuds punch well above its weight with stellar sound quality… The use of genuine aluminum construction for the earbuds themselves and the bulk of the circular wireless charging case makes the TWIG incredibly conducive to EDC use. ”

“ The architectural approach and the contrast created by the combination of aluminum cylinder and black earpiece, creates a timeless masterpiece. The solid appearance of the charge case further enhances the concept of the product. Simply beautiful! ”

Happy group of teens holding up new headphones

More Than Just Music

Research has found that learning music helps facilitate learning in other subjects while enhancing skills that children inevitably use in other areas to prepare them in adulthood. However, music programs are frequently on the chopping block in underfunded and struggling public schools. Fortunately, there are a few nonprofit programs out there attempting to bridge these widening cracks and bring accessibility to music back in schools. Phiaton is proud to work with these organizations. After all, music makes the world better.

Why Headphones?

When it comes to learning, kids always perform the best when they have a distraction-free environment. Headphones and other audio products are highly requested by our partners since many children living in urban areas have limited space and having access to an isolated learning bubble is paramount for improved learning. Headphones allow kids to practice music whether it is from an electronic keyboard or their favorite iPad app. As a premier headphone manufacturer, we can directly donate products that make a positive impact.

How Can You Help?

Check out these amazing nonprofits that are saving music education.

Music & Youth

HOLA (Heart of Los Angeles)

Inner-City Arts

All Stars Project

The Roots of Music

Fender Play Foundation

Are You a Registered Non-Profit?

The world is a big place. We know our efforts in outreach are limited. If you help manage a non-profit 501(c)(3) and would like to receive headphones and earbuds for your charity group or know of a deserving charity that focuses on music education, reach out to us. Our supply of overstock headphones is often limited, but you will be added to a waiting list and notified once inventory becomes available.