Best Earphones for Working Out: 3 Essential Features

Be it cycling, running, weightlifting, or an intense yoga session—experiencing a phenomenal workout requires you getting into “the zone.” And nothing pumps up your adrenaline more than a dope soundtrack, one that tunes you out and builds on the intensity level of your training regimen. But like finding an awesome playlist, the search for a great pair of earphones to exercise with has its difficulties. You’ll need something that balances form and function, while also delivering the audio punch one desires to achieve their fitness goals.

Several factors must be accounted for when purchasing a pair of earphones. We’re talking everything from design to endurance to sound quality. Ideally you want something that supports a comfortable fit, wireless functionality, and sweat or water resistance.

Sweat & Water Resistance

Sweat can be the bane of any audio fitness freaks existence, especially when dropping coin on new receivers every other month. Make it a priority to search for earphones with a respectable Ingress Protection (IP) level. This indicates just how moisture-resistant a device is. IPX3 is thought to be sufficient for headphones based on how much you sweat. But if you’re really going hard for that six-pack, taking things a step further with IPX4 earphones is a better look. The Phiaton BT 120 NC and Bonobuds both meet IPX4 standards, designed to withstand perspiration from all angles.

Wireless Technology

Next up, you want the cord-cutter treatment. By that we mean wireless earphones. Wired models can be obtrusive to a workout, getting caught on equipment or getting in the way of your swift arm action during marathon runs. Freedom from cables spares you the embarrassment of dropping an iPhone on the treadmill, losing cool points at the gym. The BT 120 NC is an elite wireless model with quick charge, convenient call and audio control, plus a dynamic around-the-neck design and Memory Flex neckband that sits comfortably above the collar bone.

Light & Stable Form Factor

Taking into account modern, exertive workouts, you certainly want earphones that move with you, as the weight of over-ears can make it difficult to maneuver. With a minimalist design and full functionality, the Phiaton Bonobuds remains an excellent choice for fitness buffs. These innovative in-ears have a light, compact Bluetooth-enabled form factor with RightFit+ silicone ear tips designed to stay in place. It’s also powered by a phenomenal soundstage, plus in-line controls to tune out ambient noise when grinding it out on the elliptical.

The BT 120 NC is another good alternative that stands out for its effective sound output, active noise cancellation, and IPX4 sweat resistance. It bears many of the same features found on the Bonobuds, along with Multipoint Connection technology to pair with multiple devices. Phiaton’s equipped this model with Bluetooth 4.2, aptX, touch interface, Clear Voice Capture, vibration notifications, 12mm dynamic drivers and power saving sensor. With today’s audiophile living a more active lifestyle, earphones are becoming the ultimate fitness companion. Let Phiaton be your spotter.

By Alex Bracetti

April 28, 2016

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