Reasons You Need Water Resistant Earbuds

Reasons You Need Water Resistant Earbuds

The fall and winter months are a good time to look at your current earbud collection and consider three important factors:

  • Are the earbuds protected from the increased likelihood of getting wet?
  • Are you traveling for the holidays or for work?
  • Will you be exercising outdoors while enjoying the cool autumn weather?

To get you prepared for the upcoming seasons, we’ll dig into why you should invest in water resistant earbuds and, most importantly, how to maintain them.

Why Buy IPX4 Water Resistant Earbuds?

Aside from traveling without a carrying case for your earbuds or winding the cord of your earbuds into complicated knots, exposing your earbuds to sweat and moisture is one of the main reasons why earbuds malfunction. Sweating is an inevitable part of working out, so it’s important to look at an earbuds’ IPX rating to determine how resistant it is to environmental elements such as water. You’ll notice IPX numbers include a number from one to eight. The higher the number, the more water resistant the product is. For example, Phiaton’s BT 120 NC and BT 100 NC earbuds with active noise cancellation feature an iPX4 rating, meaning they are sweat and water resistant. IPX4 is the recommended rating for earbuds, so you’ll enjoy protection from sweat during a heavy workout and splashing water during a light rain.

Be Kind To Wired Earbuds

Wired earbuds are particularly vulnerable to water damage, as any gap or slight tear in the earpieces or wire can put them at risk. Therefore, wireless earbuds are the best choice for fitness enthusiasts and gym goers, as the connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allow for more freedom to move. To slow down the eventual wear and tear process and expand the lifespan of your pair, avoid putting your earbuds in your pockets without a carrying case, since even earbuds with a small connecting cord could get caught in a zipper or squashed at the bottom of a briefcase under a heavy laptop, books and other accessories. For wired earbuds, avoid tying tight knots when storing them, since doing so can damage internal wires. Other easy tricks include turning down your device’s audio before connecting your earbuds, since very high volumes can damage the audio equipment, and avoid sleeping with your earbuds on since you may accidentally roll over the cable as you toss and turn during the night. To keep your pair clean and hygienic, wipe the grit and dirt away using a dry or damp cloth.

Quality Earbuds Are A Sound Investment

Investing in a quality pair of water resistant earbuds will save you money in the long run. If properly maintained, a good pair will last you for years. With most music lovers listening to their favorite tunes while on a morning walk or using their earbuds to join a conference call on their commute to work, finding a pair that’s not only comfortable but can withstand the elements of your everyday life is key. The user’s lifestyle will determine what kind of earbud they need, but water-resistant technology should always be a consideration.


October 5, 2017

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