Introducing PLATFORM DUO: The Stylish 15W Super-Fast Wireless Dual Charging Pad



Fountain Valley, CA, June 7th, 2023 - ODDICT, a lifestyle tech brand that creates beautifully designed, high-quality audio accessories, introduces the PLATFORM DUO. Designed to meet the needs of modern users, the PLATFORM DUO combines convenience, style, and exceptional performance to provide a hassle-free charging experience. With its powerful 15W super-fast wireless charging capability, this dual charger delivers lightning-fast charging speeds to compatible devices, ensuring that users can power up their smartphones, smartwatches, or earbuds in no time.


PLATFORM DUO is created for Samsung-compatible products, to provide optimized wireless charging for all ‘Samsung Galaxy’ and other compatible wireless charging devices as well. It supports ‘Fast Wireless Charging 2.0’ and is compatible with USB PD (Power Delivery) power adapters to increase charging efficiency.


One of the standout features of the PLATFORM DUO is its unique dual charging space of different heights, which not only charges two devices simultaneously but also add a touch of sophistication. The thoughtfully designed formative beauty of the charger effortlessly blends into any space, making it an ideal addition to both homes and offices. The left pad provides up to 15W super-fast charging (7.5W fast charging to compatible Apple devices), allowing users to rapidly charge their devices without compromising on speed. Meanwhile, the right pad works with all devices that support 5W wireless charging, ensuring versatility and convenience for users with a wide range of devices.


Despite its compact size, the PLATFOR DUO ensures reliable and worry-free charging for all your devices. The built-in cooling fan reduces power loss for added safety and increases charging efficiency to charge faster. The anti-scratch and corrosion-resistant coating is applied to the surface for long-term use, the soft but non-slip foot pads provide an unshakable fixation, and the luxurious metal cable boasts high durability.


“We believe that charging should be effortless, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. With the PLATFORM DUO, we’ve created a solution that combines all these elements, providing users with a stylish, reliable, and super-fast charging experience” said Paul Thavornvach, Sales Director.


PLATFORM DUO ($69.99) is now available for purchase on &



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