Never Miss a Beat with Smart Play and Pause Technology

Ask yourself what’s the one criterion when it comes to selecting headphones. Comfort? Water resistance? The answer should be as plain as day. It’s playback functionality. After all, how can you enjoy music through a pair of headphones if the play function doesn’t operate? Don’t answer. It’s rhetorical.

Basically every pair of sound cans in existence supports this mandatory feature. Though only a handful are pushing the audio envelope, integrating new technology to their models that make playback functionality even more seamless than just the press of a button on your iPod, smartphone, or in-line microphone cord. Look no further than Phiaton to lead by example with its patented Smart Play and Pause technology highlighted on its signature BT 460 wireless headphones.

The powerfully sonic on-ears lay the foundation for intuitive audio engagement by blessing listeners with dynamic controls that automatically enable the play/pause function when being worn or not. Laying the headphones on your ears will trigger the drivers to pump out resonances, where as taking them off puts the product in silent mode, thus eliminating the need of searching for a button to perform the same actions. One might be inclined to ask when such a hi-tech option might serve a useful purpose. Well, just think of the many standard situations you encounter daily.

Picture loading up Drake’s Views on your commute to work, only to be interrupted by the train conductor about delays before zoning out to the hook on “U With Me?” How about split-action decisions like ordering on the Chipotle line without reducing yourself to the last few seconds of a favorite track? Airline announcements. Spousal conversations. Supervisor outbursts. The list seems endless. Point is the technology is designed to keep you in-sync with commonplace interactions, never compromising the listening experience.

The BT 460 comes fully equipped with Smart Play and Pause, along with other special attributes made for smooth multimedia engagement like ShareMe Connection technology, which allows you to share audio with multiple users simultaneously—minus the antiquated audio cable splitter. Providing unprecedented sound output, these headphones are engineered for maximum listening comfort with good sound isolation to block ambient noise. Let’s not forget its deep sense of bass to manage high-performance musical genres via bass optimizer.  Though it’s hard not to resist the touch-interface controls for instant volume management as well.


The complete portable audio package, the BT 460 combines the best components of your favorite on-ears and takes things to the next level with groundbreaking features that are helping set the foundation for what likely will become the headphone of the future. Only we’re luckily enough to experience now.

By Alex Bracetti

May 26, 2016


  • Shyam Kumar

    I had the same idea and when searched whether a prototype exist , got your blog.My idea was like smooth press button attached to headset under the bud,next was using IR and temperature sensor to confirm the position of headset to play/pause.

  • kamal

    That was a good read. I think a pair of headphones is a good choice for music lovers since they can enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

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